• Balsam Fir

    Balsam Fir
    Tree Zones 3-6
    Grows 45-75' high

  • Crimson King Maple

    Crimson King Maple
    Tree Zones 4-9

    A large round-headed tree that thrives in a wide range of soils. This slow growing Maple has deep purplish foliage.

  • Japanese Maple

    Japanese Maple
    Tree Zones 4-10
    Grow up to 15' in 10-15 years.

    Leaves are finely dissected and a beautiful shade of red. Plant in sun to partial shade away from wind.

  • Sugar Maple

    Sugar Maple
    Deciduous Tree Zones 3-8
    Grows to 20' in 10-12 years.

    Leaves are green in spring & summer, yellow, orange & red in fall.

  • Juneberry

    Height 15-18' in 5-7 years
    Tree Zones 4-8

    Flowers in early spring, white flowers by tiny red-purple fruit in early summer.

  • River Birch

    River Birch
    Tree Zones 2-10
    Grows to 20'in 10+ years

    Bark is a red-brown color, becoming torn and shredded on mature trees. Golden yellow in fall.

  • River Birch

    Weeping Birch
    Tree Zones 3-10
    Grows to around 15-30'

    Irregularly shaped weeping tree. Bark is white with black ridges. Fall color is golden yellow.

  • Persimmon

    Tree Zones 4-9
    Grows 35-60' high

    Leaves turn yellowish to reddish purple in fall. Fragrant, white flowers in May and June.

  • Ginkgo Tree

    Deciduous Tree Zones 4-10
    Mature size 50-80'

    The fan shaped leaves are smooth leathery texture. Fall color is bright yellow. Insect & disease free.

  • Crabapple

    Tree Zones 4-8
    Grows 15-25 ft.

    In spring, covered with pink or white flowers followed by pea sized fruit that remains through fall.

  • Dwarf Alberta Spruce

    Dwarf Alberta Spruce
    Tree Evergreen Zones 3-8
    Grows to approx. 7' in 25-30 years

    Wonderful accent tree. Short light green needles are tightly placed.

  • Pin Oak

    Pin Oak
    Tree Zones 4-10
    Grows to approx. 75'

    Fast growing, symmetrical, pyramidal tree known for its crimson fall color.

  • Canadian Hemlock

    Canadian Hemlock
    Tree Zones 4-7
    Grows to 12-16' in 10 years

    Broad arching, drooping branches. Fast grower. Excellent as natural privacy fence.

  • Korean Barberry

    Korean Barberry
    Shrub Zones 3-7
    Grows 4-6' high

    Not common as tends to be very aggressive. Produces bright yellow flowers in May.

  • Butterfly Bush

    Butterfly Bush
    Shrub Zones 5-10
    Grows to around 12'

    Deciduous shrub with gray-green foliage.

  • Bittersweet

    American Bittersweet
    Shrub Zones 4-8
    Grows 15 to 20' high

    Offering beautiful yellow-orange and red fruit in October. Beautiful dried for fall arrangements.

  • Carpet Rose

    Carpet Rose
    Shrub Zones 4-8
    Grows 6-8'

    The beauty of this shrub is seen in Autumn. The leaves turn rose,violet or red.

  • Summersweet

    Shrub Zones 3-10
    Grows 4-6'

    Medium size deciduous shrub with vertical branches. Spires of tiny white or pink fragrant flowers

  • Burning Bush

    Burning Bush
    Shrub Zones 3-8
    Aggressive Grower

    An densely branched, compact, slow growing deciduous shrub.

  • Euonymus

    Euonymus; Emerald Gold
    Shrub Zones 5-10
    Grows to 4'x4'

    Evergreen shrubby spreader with small rounded oval leaves that are a glossy dark green.

  • Rose Of Sharon

    Rose of Sharon
    Shrub Zones 5-10
    Grows to 12'

    This upright, deciduous shrub flowers freely in summer in various colors.

  • Hydrangea

    Shrub Zones vary
    Growth varies on variety

    Hydrangea is the queen of late flowering shrubs. These plants produce large flower heads.

  • Birds Nest Spruce

    Birds Nest Spruce
    Evergreen Zones 3-8
    Grows 6-10' W x 2-5' H

    Very slow growing evergreen. Excellent choice for foundation planting.

  • Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce

    Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce
    Evergreen Zones 3-10
    Mature 10'-15'

    Slow growing (approx. 2-3' per year), globe shaped when young, maturing to broad conical tree.

  • Andromeda

    Shrub Zones 5-8
    Grows 9-12 H x 6-8 W

    Andromeda is an evergreen shrub that produces lovely springtime flowers.

  • Sand Cherry

    Sand Cherry
    Zones 3-9
    Size 8' H x 6' W

    Flowers in spring, white or light pink against rich wine red leaves.

  • Rhododendron

    Rhododendron P.J.M.
    Evergreen Zones 4-9
    Grows 3-6'

    Unlike other broad leaf Rhododendrons, the P.J.M. can tolerate full sun unusually well.

  • Viburnum

    Shrub Zones 3-9
    Grows 8'-15'

    This attractive deciduous shrub flowers in early summer with fragrant white blooms.

  • Weigela

    Shrub Zones 5-9
    Grows 6-10''

    This rapidly growing deciduous shrub flowers in June on previous years growth.

  • Lady's Mantle

    Lady's Mantle
    Perennial Zones 3-9
    Grows up to 24"x24"

    Lady's Mantle blooms in late spring and into summer, clouds of soft chartreuse flowers.

  • Windflower

    Perennial Zones 5-8
    Up to 36"+ (variety)

    This plant is great for adding fall color to your garden as varieties begin blooming in September.

  • Sea Pink

    Sea Pink
    Perennial Zones 5-9
    Grows approx. 8" x 12-18"

    Evergreen. Grey-green foliage makes this perennial attractive even when not flowering.

  • Columbine

    Perennial Zones 3-9
    Grows approx. 1-3'

    The unusually shaped flowers and variety of colors make this perennial a must have.

  • Astilbe

    Perennial Zones 4-9
    Grows depends on variety

    Plume like flowers rise above the foliage in early to late summer.

  • Basket of Gold

    Basket of Gold
    Perennial Zones 4-9
    Grows 12" H x 18" W

    Bright yellow flowers appear from April through May. Plant in full sun.

  • Baptisia

    Baptisia Wild Indigo
    Perennial Zones 3-9
    Grows 3-4' H

    This large but airy perennial produces dainty blue flowers in mid spring to early summer.

  • Bergenia

    Perennial Zones 3-9
    Growth 12" H x 24" W

    An excellent, usually evergreen ground cover, with leathery cabbage like leaves.

  • Bellflower

    Perennial Zones 3-9
    Grows 12-18"

    Many varieties available. One variety that works well in most gardens is "Blue Clips".

  • Carpet Rose

    Carpet Rose
    Rose Zones 4-10
    Grows 24-32"

    This low growing, low maintenance rose looks beautiful in any garden. In pink, white and red.

  • Cimicifuga

    Perennial Zones 4-8
    Up to 6'

    This plant will give you late summer color in your shade garden.

  • Clematis

    Zones 3-8
    Woody Climber

    A fantastic vine to grow up trellis's, arbors, poles etc. Bold flowers.

  • Cornflower

    Cornflower - Montana
    Perennial Zones : 4-9
    Grows 24" x 24"

    2-3" thistle like (but not prickly!) violet-blue flowers appear mostly from May-July.

  • Moonbeam

    Perennial Zones : 3-9
    Grows 18-24" x 18"

    Beautiful pale yellow, daisy-like flowers bloom from June until first frost.

  • Dianthus

    Perennial Zones 3-9
    Growth 8" H x 12" W

    A small low growing, spreading perennial for full sun.

  • Bleeding Heart

    Bleeding Heart
    Perennial Zones 4-8
    Grows approx. 12"-18" tall and as wide

    Have an unique flower and fine-textured, blue-green foliage.